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Eureka Moment – Using LinkedIn

After attending a workshop on using LinkedIn for personal branding and networking, hosted by The Garage Marketing, I had a Eureka moment: LinkedIn is not a just a social network, it should be considered a communication tool for expanding your professional network and developing your business. Just before the holidays, I had received an invitation to a free seminar being…

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The Travel Blogger Checklist for Travel Trade Fairs

Things to know and what to expect before going to a travel trade fair Once your travel blog or free-lance writing starts growing, a little bit of revenue starts coming in, and you realize that your readers are not only your friends and family, you will find it takes more and more time and effort as well as expense to keep…

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As many bloggers, I started my travel blog as a creative outlet and a way to share my experiences abroad with my friends and family back home. Then to my astonishment, people I didn’t even know started writing to me and following me, asking me questions. The site grew, as did the information in it, and consequently the expenses to…

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