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According to Investopedia business travelers make up just over a tenth of commercial flight passengers. While this is a relatively small slice, when considered as a portion of the more than 1.4 billion annual global travelers, it’s nearly 170 million business travelers using millions of apps.

The right travel app can be the difference between a successful business trip and a potentially terrible one. The following apps weren’t all designed with business travel in mind. That said, they’ve found homes in the smart devices of many travelers.

The experts at JustFly share 6 of the top business travel apps (Android and iOS) available right now:


TripIt is a must-have app for leisure and business travelers alike. Monitor several flights, confirmation information, important addresses and accommodation bookings. Find nearby places to eat, car rental agencies as well as local weather reports. Perhaps one of the best TripIt features is the app’s ability to siphon through email inboxes to detect relevant travel confirmations, which are in turn added to the user’s TripIt profile.


Concur is arguably the best app for tracking business expenditures, filing, invoicing and refunds. Quickly take photos of receipts, save them for later or submit expenses immediately. Use the app’s step-by-step processes to request company reimbursements while on the go.

Google Translate

Finding ways to communicate effectively in foreign countries can at times be difficult due to language barriers. With voice recognition technology steadily improving and becoming more popular in recent years, Google Translate is the answer to most communication problems while abroad. It’s as simple as typing, saying or photographing what needs to be translated. It’s compatible with over 100 languages and gives users access to an offline translation library as well.


DocuSign allows business travelers to go paperless. Sign important contracts and other types of documents digitally from anywhere. It’s compatible with smartphones and a range of tablets. Another important feature of the app is that it encrypts the contents of all sent documents.


Carrying luggage is one of the least enjoyable parts of any kind of travel. The DUFL app is a simple solution. First, DUFL suitcases are sent for travelers to pack. Next, the suitcases are picked up, the contents are cleaned and stored. Once the trip details are entered, DUFL then sends the suitcases to the appropriate destination. At the end of each trip, luggage can be sent back home or to another destination via the app as well.

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