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Get a head start planning your next Easter spring break!

Article by Kartik Agrawal, Travel Writer and Blogger

To celebrate the Easter holidays, which coincide with spring; different countries are in possession of unique beliefs, traditions and customs; exploding great exploration opportunities for each one, irrespective of their religion and religious beliefs.

Easter symbolism the arrival of spring for the Northern Hemisphere; an excellent time to witness beautiful destinations verdure in full bloom.

We’ve delved and put together this carefully curated list of destinations, where Easter celebrations are in full swing.

Seville, Spain

Join in the celebrations in this beautiful and majestic city, during, “Semana Santa” (Easter Week). The Easter processions take place all over the city, with people from all walks of life, flooding in costumes, as though the whole city is a stage production.

In this corner of Southwest Europe, the city comes to a complete halt to celebrate this vibrant fiesta; where you can witness multiculturalism, through historic tradition, with the city and its inhabitants join in parades, dancing their way by reciting emotive saetas chants.

You get to taste the best Iberian ham and wine, a churro and hot chocolate from amongst the various street vendors, present.


Malta, one of the most religious Catholic countries, is an archipelago, consisting of three main islands, namely- Malta, Gazo and Comino; in the Mediterranian Sea.

The holy week of Easter is marked by parades, processions, traditions and spiritual celebrations. The days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are of great significance to the Maltese people, who celebrate it with great compassion.

With celebrations all across Malta, Maundy Thursday is recognised for the tradition of visiting seven churches. On the day of Good Friday, biblical scenes are recreated by participants dressed in white robes and hoods, metal chains tied to their ankles, as they carry wooden crosses, amidst the parade. Easter Sunday is of great religious significance with people celebrating over lunch, drinks, traditional Easter dinners- consisting of lamb with potato and vegetables.

Easter is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful country of Malta, sunk in celebrations with fascinating customs and rich culture.

Vatican City, Rome

Vatican City is the headquarters of Roman Catholic Church, where thousands of people gather during Easter Week, to witness the ceremony held at St. Peters’ Basilica. It attracts tourists round the year for its rich historic architecture and Renaissance art.

The last week of Jesus’ life is solemnly celebrated with windows full of chocolate eggs, experiencing the glorious atmosphere of tradition, culture and Catholicism.

Pasquetta or ‘the little Easter’ is an extension to Easter week, held on Monday, (subsequent to Easter Sunday) with people enjoying their time with family and friends, alongside some delicious Italian delicacies.


In Madrid, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated with over 20 religious processions.

It starts with Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday), when palm branches and laurels are purchased, in memory of Jesus.

Then comes Jueves Santo or the Maundy Thursday, at the cathedral Colegiata de San Isidro: the religious statues of Virgin Maria Santisima de la Esperanza and Jesus del Gran Poder are brought out of the Gothic Cathedral by the Costaleros (usually the local people), who proudly carry the pasos on their shoulders.

On the day of Viernes Santo (Good Friday), the Procession of Silence, takes place.

On Easter Sunday, the traditional Tamborada del Domingo de Resurrección is held where drummers march and perform in Plaza Mayor.

Cusco, Peru

Peru’s Catholic beliefs and pre-Columbian roots, is a major reason for Easter celebrations that are different and unique, compared to other places.

Cusco in particular, celebrates the Easter or Semana Santa celebrations with enthusiasm; locals and tourists gather for processions that take place during this week, along with the signature dishes and delicacies, that savor the fiesta.